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If you are one of the smartest Internet entrepreneurs online, you wouldn't put all your eggs in one basket...

That's why from the same company that brings you ZooSecure, here comes PPSecure for PayPal, 2COSecure for 2Checkout, and most importantly CBSecure for ClickBank -- JVZoo's direct competitor when it comes to online marketplaces!

This software suite is another powerful download management system that will stop hackers and thieves stealing downloadable products from your thank you pages...

... and give you an easy way to record and manage all your product sales!

Features Overview


Quick And Easy Script Set Up

This software suite is an easy to use app which you install on your own web host. To set up the script or plugin, just enter a few details into the special Setup Tool. The Setup Tool will then create the script, which you upload to a folder on your web host. You can name this folder anything you want, such as "downloads" or "products".

The script requires an SQL database. A special Database Creator Tool is supplied with the script, which automatically creates a new database on any web host that uses the popular cPanel control panel. Alternatively, if you have a WordPress blog, you can install the script in a subfolder of the blog and the script will automatically use the WordPress database.


Automatically Create Thank You Pages

Once you've uploaded your script or installed your WordPress plugin, you can setup an unlimited number of products and it will create a thank you page for each product automatically.


Personalize Thank You Pages Automatically

You can also include special texts if you wish and the script will automatically personalize each thank you page. Personalizing your page can make the customer feel more special. It can also make customers more reluctant to distribute their link to other people since their thank you page is clearly marked with their name.


Use On Ordinary Websites Or WordPress Blogs

The script can be installed on any ordinary website. It can also be installed as part of a WordPress blog. When installed on a WordPress blog, the script is simply uploaded to a subdfolder of the blog. It is not a WordPress plugin, but is designed to work alongside WordPress.


Instantly Create New Expiring Links

Whenever a customer orders any product from you, the script automatically creates a unique expiring link, without any action from you.


Protect Individual Zip Download Links

For additional protection, you can limit the number of times each zip file can be downloaded by a particular customer. If someone does distribute their link to the thank you page, this will ensure that few people are actually able to use it.


Limit The Number Of Downloads

Your thank you page will contain a clickable download link for each of the zip files for the product. To prevent piracy, the script locks these zip file links into the thank you page, so they will not work if they are removed from the thank you page.


Automatically Build A Customer Mailing List

When selling through Paypal, Clickbank and 2CheckOut, this software suite can automate this process for you. Your customers will be automatically subscribed to your autoresponder when they order any product from you.

Here's a quick summary of all the features of this powerful software...

  • Manage an unlimited number of products with one installation
  • Full customer record system records detail of each sale and associated download link
  • Each customer gets their own unique link for each product
  • Thank you pages can only be accessed from a valid link
  • Individual zip files can only be accessed through a valid link
  • Option to expire each link (expire time is set by you)
  • Option to limit the number of times your product can be downloaded from each link
  • Unique secure system for other payment services
  • Links automatically emailed to customers for Paypal, Clickbank and 2CheckOut orders
  • Optional notification emails sent to you each time a new link is created
  • Works with any conventional affiliate script
  • Can be used to protect free downloads as well as products that are sold

Everything is solved for you...

  • Totally secure Paypal payments through the Paypal "IPN" system
  • Totally secure Clickbank payments through the "secret key" feature
  • Totally secure 2CheckOut payments through the "secret word" feature
  • Unique secure system for other payment services
  • You can easily create new unique links manually as required
  • You can easily disable any link instantly
  • You can blacklist email addresses to stop known refunders from being issued with links
  • Thank you pages are template based so they match the look and feel of your site
  • Template solution allows you to add upsells and special offers to your thank you pages
  • Flexible and unlimited template solution - products can share templates or have separate templates as required
  • Templates can be automatically customized with the product name and the customers name and/or email address
  • Can subscribe customers to an autoresponder, using a conventional autoresponder form (so it works with any autoresponder service)


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Wordpress 3.0+

Works and tested with all versions of Wordpress. Does not interfere with any of themes or other plugins.

Easy & Fast Setup

For each customer ordering using the PayPal, 2CheckOut or ClickBank payment service, the script automatically create a customer order record. This stores the customer's name, email address, product ordered and their download link.

System Requirements

This software is for use on PCs running Microsoft Windows. Your web host must support PHP, MySQL and .htaccess files (most decent web hosts support these as standard).

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